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Rio Tinto Alcan general manager visit Golden sun Company

21th,Oct. the distinguished client Mr. Guido Schuler, He is the general manager of the Canadian Aluminum Inc, of Rio Tinto Group.
Mr Schuler received a warm reception by General Sales Manager-Mr.Zhao, Chief engineer-Mr. Li and other reception staff.
He visit the workshop and give high evaluation to product quality during visit auto-roller processing line and 3D numerical control drilling machine. Due to this trip, Mr. Schuler change his old impression of China manufacturer: Small scale, the production of all aspects are not perfect, the product quality is not reliable.
After visited the workshop, we have a technical communication meeting. Mr. Schuler send the drawing and requirements to us and wish we can send best quotation to him.
Mr Schuler Is very satisfied with the visit and wish we can cooperation very soon in the furture. For this visit, golden sun company wish make a long relationship with RIO group. The visit concluded in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.